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Body By Tacy > Uncategorized > 5 Hacks to Show off the Perfect Body Shape When You don’t Have One
November 17th, 2017

5 Hacks to Show off the Perfect Body Shape When You don’t Have One

They say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. True! But, what do you think about optical illusion? It’s something I certainly believe in. And so, by implication, if you are a plump girl, you can still show off the perfect body shape when, in fact, you don’t have one. Don’t believe me? Well, you will, once you try these hacks. Trust me. They work

Here we go!

  1. Dark is Your Hue

You must have heard this, but that doesn’t mean that you always dress up as if for a funeral. Black is safe color, but not the only safe color. Dark colors like navy blue, brown, charcoal gray, etc., can be used to hide your problem areas. If you are top heavy, wear a darker top with a light colored bottom. If the case is reverse, do the inverse. You can also choose dark solid colored dresses of midi or mini length rather than maxi.

  1. Get Your Cleavage Right

Yup! Showing some cleavage intelligently works. But remember that deep is not always the trick. Broad works equally well. What both of these hacks do is that they take the attention of your body, to your neck and face. Don’t go for plunging necks if you are busty. If not, plunging necks will work very well for you.

  1. Body Shapers can Be a Boon

I know this one tempts all the fashionable ladies. Waist shaper belts are not a bad choice either. But, you must choose the right one. High-wasted shaper pants can be a total winner if your problem area are the belly and the butt. They hold the flabby belly right in place while shaping your butt, thighs and legs. And, you can wear these anywhere you want – to the gym, to work, to the club, you name it.

If you get a chance to try one from Body By Tacy, please do. I found it absolutely worth the investment I made. Classy stuff.

  1. Wear What Fits You Right

One big misconception is that baggy clothes make you look less bulkier. Total myth. They make you look shoddy and conscious of your bulk. Plus, they fail to camouflage what they are supposed to. Wear clothes that fit you right. Make use of the dark colors strategy and wear the right fit. That is not to say that tight is good either. Right fit is the norm.

  1. Wear the Right Underwear

Ladies, don’t ever forget this. If your flesh is going haywire underneath your clothes, even the best fitted clothes and the most intelligently chosen colors will fail you. While most women choose the wrong bra size, the underpants are not a non-issue either. Wear a bra with the right cup size and rib size, in a fabric that supports the breasts well. As for the panties, choose the ones that neither hang loose, nor cut into the flesh. Both will show your butt in the worst of shape. Also, aim for mid waist rather than a low-waist to get a perfect body shape .

So, ladies, ready to create some optical illusion?

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