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    UPC: N/A $89.99

    The new EXTREME WAIST SHAPER BELT is a unisex waist trainer that helps you reshape your waist line by tightening, toning and supporting your back.
    Promotes sweat even if you are not working out,
    eliminates toxins through perspirations and by accelerating your metabolism.
    supports your back for weight lifting and core strengthening.
    Unlike other waist trainers you may see out there, EXTREME WAIST SHAPEMATTER BELT is made with our special fabric Lipotex and fastens with Velcro that is strong and durable.
    You may look sizes smaller right on the spot.

  • INSTASLIM High Waisted Pants

    UPC: N/A $189.99

    Fashionistas and sporty women agree: the high waisted pants is a winner. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic look or ready to spend 30 grueling minutes in spin class, the high waist pant is your choice. Elegant and comfortable, they are designed to enhance the shape of your thighs, butt, waist and tummy.

    Cult Fashion Classic with Gym Rat Alter Ego
    Wear it to go have lunch with a friend. The high waist pants can make any look work with the right top. Or make it part of your gym routine by letting this thermogenic body gear enhance your workouts. You can also wear it under your clothes – it’s flat sewn seams make this bottom invisible while it does the work of making you look thinner, shapelier and healthier. Our patented Lipotex fabric assists your body’s fat-burning processes by using your own body heat to help accelerate your metabolism and yet keep you dry. Every second you wear it you take a step closer to your health goals.

  • RESHAPE Extreme Jacket

    UPC: N/A $169.99

    Our patented Lipotex fabric looks so good, we could not stop ourselves from designing a beautiful jacket to wear with our activewear line. Keep warm and get healthier by letting our Extreme Jacket’s thermogenic properties help you flush out extra water and toxins from your body.

  • SLIM EXTREME Gel 4.4oz

    UPC: 755439353189 $69.99

    Does your body need a little “push” in some places? Are your tummy, thighs or arms close to where you want them, but still a problem? You can target them using our Slimming Gel. It sinks into your skin and helps you eliminate fat by locally increasing oxygenation and circulation.

    Our Slimming Gel is specifically designed to work with our thermogenic active wear, and when used together it

    • helps remove toxins from your body
    • burns away localized fat deposits
    • encourages lymphatic drainage
    • improves skin tone

The Body You Want


The Shape Matters series is the most powerful tool you have to be healthier, reach your fitness goals and re-shape your body. Using the power locked within you, our combination of body shapers, supplements and creams will unleash the chemistry needed to transform your body quickly and safely. Go ahead. Try us out. If you don’t see the results you want, simply return the products for a 100% refund. Results may vary based on each person’s physical health, diet and exercise, as well as adherence to the Body By Tacy program.
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